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*** New Location for Dances in June 2024***

Due to construction at the Pavilion. We have had to move our dance location to New Castle Christian Academy 1701 Albert St, New Castle, PA 16105 We are sorry for the confusion but due unexpected problems at the park construction has been delayed on the Pavilion.

"We will be moving to New Castle Christian Academy at 1701 Albert St, New Castle, PA 16105 on June 5, 2024 and be there for the month of June. We hope to be moving to Cascade park in July until it is closed in late September / early October (We will announce the exact date here). Dances start at 7:30 and run to 10:00 pm. We dance every Wednesdy exept for holidays. We will not be dancing July 3, 2024 due to 4th of July celebrations"

New Dancers can come to any of our dances to find out what Square Dancing is all about. Please let us know if you are interested in the lessons so we can plan on the number of New Dancers coming. Call/Text 724-971-8923 to let us know if you are coming.

Our caller will be Howard Williamson and our cuer will switch back and forth between Kathy Mansell and Nathan Parrott and a guest cuer once in while. Please remember to check for last minute dance changes and cancelations on our Schedule page. If you have questions please call 724-971-8923.

Our admision fee is $7.00 per person.

The Castle Paws and Taws is an American Western Square Dance club. It is located in the Beautiful hills of West Central Pennsylvania near the Ohio border in historic New Castle. We are just an hour North West of Pittsburgh.

Cascade Park Pavilion Dance Hall was built over 133 years ago for dancing. It has high ceilings with wood lattice work. It has a linoleum covered wood floor.

We dance a mixture of SSD, Plus and Mainstream every dance depending on the level of dancers attending that dance. We will have Cuers for almost all dances. You may wear traditional Square Dance attire or nice casual apparel.

Cascade Park Pavilion Dance Hall

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