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Dance Schedule

Please Note: All dances have been canceled due to COVID-19 until November 9th, 2020. We hope to dance on that date but we are still figuring out how we will do it. We will make last minute cancellations on our Wheresthedance schedule as needed. Please check that schedule if you are not sure if a dance will hapen or not.

Note: Dances in Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Nov, and Dec are at First United Methodist Church.
All the rest of the Dances are at Cascade Park Pavilion.
See Directions page detailed directions.
Dances start at 7:30 and end at 10:00 pm. We will be doing Main Stream and/or Plus depending on the level of the floor. We have regular Rounds cued between tips.
All dancers pay $6/person.

For detailed schedule with callers and cuers click on this link to go to the schedule will be displayed in a few seconds.
As a side note: if you are using a browser on your phone and you click here "" you will get all the dances near you far that day and after. If you click on this link on your PC you will get a event search page.

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